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Pack details

  • rare
  • Rare
  • Second · Drop #3
  • As rare as it gets: become a rarity hunter with the RARE pack! If you have got the basics down, now is the time to get bold. It has got rare in the name, so you know exactly what you are chasing for. Introduce your inner collector and inner football fan to the pack that will put you in a contender’s spot for all the big moments out there.

  • Sold out
    1. Included in the pack: 4 Moments
    2. Packs per collector: Unlimited


Bigger odds, coming your way: your odds get a much-deserved upgrade, a reward for the bold collectors who only want the pick of the litter. Between ordinary moments and iconic shots of rarity, you will have plenty to satisfy your needs. If you buy a RARE pack, you will receive 4 collectibles, where 2 of them can either be Common, Special, Epic, Legendary or Unique, and the other 2 are guaranteed to be either Special, Epic, Legendary or Unique. Cross your fingers and hope to thrive!

Be quick off the mark and step up for the RARE while it lasts. With a limited number available, the more packs you can get your hands on, the merrier! RealFevr's Drop #3 is set to have a few future bombshells of great value.

Drop #3

Are you ready to collect some of the best goals and saves in Italy's football history?

This is your opportunity to collect goals from players such as Ronaldinho, Belotti, Ibrahimović or Ribéry, and saves from Sirigu, Buffon or Donnarumma.


Some of the moments you can snag in the latest pack include:

A memorable bicycle kick scored by none other than Andrea Belotti, an absolute genius with acrobatic skills beyond comprehension.
A flawless free-kick from the legend Ronaldinho Gaúcho, one of the most beloved players of all time and also known for his contagious smile.
Francesco Totti's 250th and last goal in the Italian league. One of Italy's most iconic players, whose name screams legacy and his career demands recognition.
An astonishing save by Salvatore Sirigu, once again demonstrating why he is a European champion. His first name meaning "Savior" says it all.


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