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burn nfts forever

Introducing the nft fusion

Collect multiple NFTs from the same moment, fuse them together and create the ultimate NFT: rarer and stronger.

Fuse and Burn

scarcer - better - stronger

How will the NFT Fusion work?

The NFT Fusion Mechanism will be the process through which you will be able to fuse multiple NFTs from the same moment to create a superior version of that moment. Those repeated NFTs will be destroyed forever, being now replaced by this evolved version.


About the fusion process

  • Removes NFTs from circulation (lower supply)
  • Fused NFTs will be stronger in FEVR Battle Arena
  • Horizontal fusion mechanism (Fusion lvl 1, Fusion lvl 2, etc)
  • Mathematically possible to create a 1/1 fused NFT
  • Ensures marketplace sustainability
  • Promotes further ecosystem gamification

different fusion levels

The fusion process doesn’t end after the first fusion. In fact, you can assemble several fused NFTs from the same moment and create a superior fusion. The higher the fusion level, the lower the number of possible mints. Also, the rarer the NFT tier, the lower the number of repeated moments needed to perform a fusion.

coming soon to realfevr

coming soon to realfevr

coming soon to realfevr

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