Italy Fantasy: Announcement about the new schedule for Serie A

Know what will happen in Italy Fantasy with the postponement and re-scheduling of several games from Gameweek 26.

The following announcement clarifies what will happen with the back-and-forth of the schedule in Serie A and its implications to Italy Fantasy.

Given all the unexpected changes of schedule for GW26, starting with being canceled last Saturday morning and postponed to the 13th of May, and the decision this week of Lega Professionisti Serie A to re-arrange the schedule, and place the games this weekend, shift all of the schedule one week into the future while games are played behind closed doors, we reinforce that those games will NOT be taken into consideration for Fantasy points.

It was a decision that we needed to make in a short amount of time, and that needed to happen last Saturday so, even if it seems a weird one now, for us it was the best decision possible at the time (with games being postponed until the 13th of May) with the information that was available, since it allowed us to give a wildcard for all of you to use, in a manner that allowed you all to be better equipped to deal with these changes.

Also, and as always, don’t forget that according to Italy Fantasy classic league’s rulebook:

As a “freebie” for that weekend were you’ve got a wedding you can’t miss, the gameweek were everything went wrong or some other kind of emergency, for the total score of the season we’ll only account for your best 34 gameweeks of 38 in play.

So, even if you possessed a full squad with players from these games, or had the worst week ever, you’re always protected in terms of overall ranking.

So, with this in mind, Italy Fantasy will resume next weekend with Gameweek 27, and we hope for it to run smoothly until the end.

We know that things in Italy have been volatile the last couple of weeks (to say the least), so we’re trying to make the best decisions possible when we have to with the information we have at the time. Also, with the widespread of Coronavirus throughout Europe, and all around the world, we’re closely monitoring every competition currently active at RealFevr to adapt your favorite fantasy platform to any possible outcome.

We also take the opportunity to thank all our users for the feedback we’ve received after making this decision. Our commitment has always been to make RealFevr the best Fantasy platform in the Universe and together we think we can make it.

And don’t forget to sneeze or cough into your elbow, avoid unnecessary physical contact and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before you decide your captain for the gameweek.

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