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Pre-register for the open beta

As we progress on the development of our upcoming game, we are giving everyone the chance to pre-register and secure a spot to play the open beta of FEVR Battle Arena!

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FEVR Battle Arena is the first Web3 Football Moments game in the world, where you can use your moments as in-game assets, create decks and battle against other players. Get ready to win amazing rewards and become the ultimate champion!




Stamina: represents the damage a player can take before being destroyed.
Defense: represents the damage a player can do when placed in the defensive line.
Offense: represents the damage a player can do when placed in the offensive line.
Goalkeeper: represents the damage a player can do when placed in the goalkeeper line.


Some moments have special abilities which are activated when they are placed on the field, either affecting a lane, the entire pitch or one target of your choosing.

Can attack in the same turn it is placed on the field (still costs 1 action point).
Puts itself in the way of attacks targeted to the GK or empty net.
Increases the Active Power of a single moment when entering the pitch.
Increases the Attack Power to the whole lane where it is placed when entering the pitch.
Increases Active Power to all team when entering the pitch.
Increases the Stamina of a single moment when entering the pitch.
Increases the Stamina to the whole lane where it is placed when entering the pitch.
Increases the Stamina of the whole team when entering the pitch.


In Deck Builder, you'll gather your moments to create your winning deck according to your strategies. Each deck must have 50 moments, in which at least 3 are goalkeepers.


Try out different combinations and strategies based on your moments collection.

Each deck must include at least 3 goalkeepers. However, you can add more to fit your perfect strategy.

Keep in mind this is a game of strategy and therefore, you will want to find a balance between how many Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards you use.

Depending on your moment stats, your deck will have a rating between 1 to 5 stars. That rating will be a key component for a fair matchmaking.

Some moments have special abilities. Keep those in mind when making combos and building perfect player synergies.


Understand every game phase before entering the arena for the first time.



At the beginning of the match you will have to choose your starter goalkeeper between the ones you have in your deck.

Three moments will be randomly chosen for you to select. Select your starting goalkeeper, drag it and drop it in the goal lane to place it.


  • The game follows the traditional game mechanics of some of the most well-known digital card games in the industry, such as Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone. The difference is that instead of cards it uses moments powered by blockchain technology, making it a web 3 game.

  • The Play2Earn model is unsustainable in the long term. RealFevr will not walk the same path nor commit the same mistakes that many failed projects unfortunately did, and so we adopted the Play-And-Earn model. You can earn rewards if you’re skilled and play in the specific game modes that offer them, or you can enjoy the Free-To-Play experience.

  • To play the game you will need a web3 wallet: MetaMask, Wallet Connect, TrustWallet, it's up to you. Then you'll need to connect it to our website to create your User Profile, then generate a code that you'll need to login into the game. You can download the game in our website, and it is available for all browsers.

  • You can build decks with Grey tier moments, which are Free-To-Play moments that we grant you so you can experience the game entirely for free, or build hybrid decks with some purchased moments and Grey tier moments. The latter have lower stats, but thanks to the matchmaking feature you'll be paired up with people of similar deck strength. As you gain confidence and build up your skills, you may choose to purchase more moments to build stronger decks.

  • No need to mint your moments to use them in the game, only if you wish to sell them in the Marketplace.

  • You can purchase moments in our Marketplace (which will be imported in-game in the future) or by participating in our Drops. As for the $FEVR tokens you can buy them directly in our website with your credit card (RAMP) or on Pancakeswap, and Bitget. It is also listed in Uniswap, but the ETH pair cannot be used in-game

    You can learn more about the $FEVR token in our website.

  • We wish to tailor to all types of gamers (from casual to hardcore), investors and collectors, and so there are plenty of game modes to try, with some coming in the future. Play Battle mode to experience PVE (against the A.I), PVP and Arena matches to earn rewards, challenge friends directly with Duels, follow a story mode with Campaign mode or participate in tournaments to be crowned the ultimate champion and earn the best rewards.

  • Use the Deck Creation Tool to gather your moments together and build your winning deck. Moments come in different tiers of rarity, with their respective positions (Forward, Midfielder, Defender and Goalkeeper) and different special abilities. Each deck needs 50 moments in total, in which 3 must be Goalkeepers. They are rated with stars to demonstrate the combined power of your moments.

    Try out different combinations according to your strategy!

  • Choose a game mode and start a match. We recommend you start by practicing in PVE against the A.I. Follow the game instructions as you place the moments on your part of the pitch (represented by the light green lanes, as the dark green ones belong to your opponent). Click your moments and drag the arrow to your targets to attack them. Take down your opponent's Defenders and Goalkeeper to score goals!

  • The Battle game mode offers you plenty of options. You can play PVE, PVP or play matches in different arenas where you can earn rewards. You'll need to purchase a ticket in the in-game store with $FEVR tokens in order to access these arenas.



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