Fantasista Tips — Gameweek 13 of Champions Fantasy

The big day has arrived. Man City and Chelsea will be battling it out for European supreme glory. And you? Need help with today’s choices?

The second leg of the semi-finals finally delivered the first green arrow my team has seen since we entered the knockout stage.

Now back to #66 overall, today is the day to go all out again, there’s no other way to climb some more steps.

So, my chips go into a differential as the perfect choice for Captain. Like always!

Hakim Ziyech | Chelsea | M | 8.5M | In 3% of teams

It is true that Hakim only has two starts in the previous twelve games of the UEFA Champions League, but it’s also true that he was the one who scored in the last 2 games against Man City: at Wembley, when Chelsea left City behind on the way to the FA Cup final, and in the away victory at the Etihad, this one for the Premier League.

So it’s very likely that Tuchel will punt again on the talent of Ziyech, who is clearly a player who has got under the skin of City in recent times.

The lock is 1 hour before the game, so there will be time to check if the dazzling moroccan winger will make it into the starting lineup or not.

If he does, lock him in, put that big C on his shoulder, and let’s go!