Fantasista Tips — Gameweek 10 of Champions Fantasy

The quarter-finals are nearly done, and with the talent pool shrinking, it’s time to consider the best “cheapos” you can get.

Today we’re going down a new path, with “team budget” as the main goal of this text and picking the best cheap midfielders to fill up your squad, in order to make way for the notorious big hitters.

Given the always diminishing number of players available (and the limited transfers in the semi-finals), being on top of your league (private, public or the global ranking) requires a bit of strategy and planning ahead.

With that in mind here we go, down the differential rollercoaster again!

Jorginho | Chelsea | M | 5.6M | In 5% of teams

The Brazilian Italian is one of the main reasons why Tuchel has been so successful in his stint at Chelsea: a playmaker, dictating from the back, quarterback style. With penalty duties locked up, and 1 goal plus 1 assist in his last 3 European matches, he could also be an optimal pick for the run in.

Jude Bellingham | Dortmund | M | 5.0M | In 1% of teams

This one is a bit of a wild punt, but he did play in a more advanced role in the Etihad, also with a goal ruled out in a very strange early decision by the referee in place on the day. The young Englishman will take another chance to showcase his talents and “buy” a ticket to the Euros this summer. Dortmund has to score at least 1 goal, but also needs to keep a vital clean sheet, and Bellingham will be vital to accomplish both targets.