That’s how Freddie Mercury kicks off “Bohemian Rhapsody”, but it also sums up what we do. In fact, there’s no evidence that he wasn’t talking about us when he wrote the song in 1975.And there probably won’t be.  But let’s move on.

You probably dreamed of becoming a football player. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with that. No one can. Even if you think you may still have a chance when you see one of the all time greats playing. You can forget about a weekly salary but you won’t have to deal with boring press conferences, the dreaded vote of confidence from the board and eventually getting fired. Everything else is there.

The players at your disposal are real and they’re chosen by you. There’s no board shoving names down your throat. Nor agents with videotapes filled with guys imitating Maradona in some crappy South American league.

You choose the guys. Just you. It’s your team, your responsibility and you get to play against your friends.

Who, just like you, made their own teams. The teams are virtual, but the players are real and you win, lose or draw based exclusively on real events.  Real goals, real assists, real defenders. To put it shortly, real statistics.

Okay, actually there are. You will find excuses when you lose. Loads of them. You will hear excuses when you win. Also loads of those. And they will be increasingly creative. If you think you know what creativity is, be prepared to reevaluate all that when you hear the excuses of those who lose around here.

Similarly, you will completely abandon the word luck. Even when you defeat a friend thanks to a hat-trick during extra time. Even if the goals are scored by a player who, in his ten-year career, had two successful strikes (one of them during a friendly match). Even if the keeper scores the hat-trick. No, it’s never luck. You knew that that player could score the hat-trick, because he was going to play against a team that has a center back that had just gone through a divorce (and still loved his ex-wife) and had a history of faring badly against forwards that had two goals in ten seasons.

So, you informed yourself, you paid attention, and you took balanced decisions that attested your skills. It wasn’t luck. At the very best, you’ll admit one day it was a leap of faith. Luck? No, not that. Never. Or was it also luck when Enzo Bearzot took Paolo Rossi to the World Cup in 82, even after two years without playing? Those who know what they’re doing simply know what they’re doing. You can even use this one to shut everyone up.

Of course, your opponent is the lucky one. It’s not even luck, it’s just a bitch! It’s incredible! He picked a player that just last week had shot against his own face, but now he scored two goals and made two assists in the turf of the toughest team of the championship? In his case it’s luck, it can only be that. Who knows, maybe the cat ran over the keyboard when he was choosing his team and it picked that player. It’s unbelievable.

Here you can defeat your friends in that area that we all think we’re experts on: understanding football. Few things will give you this much satisfaction. Boasting is a lost art in today’s world. Here, you will never miss that. And you can rest assured that you will start experiencing the greatest sport in the world differently.

Every game, not just your team, when it’s not struggling all that much and actually playing pretty well. Your passion for the game will return. You will find yourself following a game between two teams that until recently you didn’t even know they existed. Why? Because your left winger plays on one of those teams. He’s the one who takes the corners and side free kicks. Your family and friends think you’re going nuts. but don’t worry, that’s only until they start playing as well.

We say playing, but this isn’t just a game. It’s more than a game, of course it’s more than a game. But we aren’t expecting everyone to understand right away that it’s more than a game. But we’re sure you’ll get this soon enough.

In the end, is this real or just fantasy? In all fairness, and if we have to choose, it will always be real. A “RealFevr”!

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