In the Draft model, each league has 10 participants. You can invite nine friends or open a Public League and wait for nine other users to join or join a Public League already created. Each of the 10 teams in your league will have a unique squad, with no repeat players between them. Each round is played as a real journey, one on one, in the fight for 3 points.
But let’s explain everything in points, so that nothing escapes you.

How it all starts
On the web, you go to Home and choose the option «create team». When you are choosing the competition, in Liga NOS Virtual you have two buttons: «Play Classic» and «Play Draft». Click on the second option. Then just follow the steps to create your Draft league and invite your friends. If it was a friend of yours who created the league, you only have to join by entering the code he gave you.
The Draft League Commissioner is responsible for setting the date and time of the draft. But this can only happen if the League already has 10 participants registered.

The Draft itself
The Draft moment is probably the most exciting moment in the world of fantasy leagues. The 10 participants in the league are sorted randomly and choose in turn, in the defined order, a player for their squad. Each user has 1 and a half minutes for each choice.
When the 10th has chosen his first player, the order goes back. The 10th again chooses, then the 9th and so on until the first. And the order is going back and forth, until all the teams have completed their squads of 14 players.

The journeys
After the squads are made, the Draft League starts on the next day. If you draft in the middle of a journey, you will only start counting points on the next.
The players’ scoring system is the same as the Classic Model. The difference is that here, the Draft League itself has direct confrontations. That is, the 10 teams in a league play five games, team against team. Imagine that your team scored 50 points, but your opponent on the day scored 51. He wins 3 points and you zero. Even if in the other games in your league nobody has done more than you. What matters is the direct confrontation.
After the journey, you don’t have to be better than the other nine participants. You just have to be better than your opponent in that round, to take the 3 points.

The market and exchanges
In Draft Leagues the market never closes. You can sign free players (who are not in any of the 10 teams in your league) until the moment their team starts playing. After starting a real game, all free players from these teams go to waiver status, but we will talk about this in detail in another article.
In addition to the free players, you can trade with other teams in your league. If your team is very strong in attack, but weak in defense, you can propose a change to another participant. You give one of your strikers and ask for a defender in return. And you choose the exact players you want to involve in the exchange. Of course, the other team can refuse the exchange, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

How it ends (Play-off!)
The commissioner of a Draft League defines, when creating it, whether it will have play-offs or not. If not, the league runs smoothly until the end and the team that finishes first is the champion. This can cause the champion to be decided before the end, if he already has many points of advantage for the second.
But if the commissioner decides that there is a play-off, then the excitement lasts until the last round! The play-off takes place in the last three rounds of the League and the top six players in round 31 participate in it.
The first and second classified are automatically qualified for the semi-finals. From the third to the sixth, they play the quarter-finals in round 32. The two winners of those games go on to the semi-final, where they will face the first and the second. And the winners of the socks play the final on the last round.
What this means is that, even if you finish the regular season in 6th place, you have a chance to be champion if you win the play-off!

To complete
The joke of this is that 10 friends get together to play in a league where everyone has different teams, without repeated players. The picardy is intense, the victory is tastier and the defeat, often decided in detail, is difficult to swallow. If the gameplay looks complicated, don’t be scared. There is no better way to learn than to play. And after trying this model, we are almost sure that you will not want anything else.