Basic rules

When you sign up, you have to build a squad with 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards. Therefore, 15 players. You have a 100M budget, which you cannot exceed, and you can only have a maximum of three players from the same team.

With a squad of 15, you will always have 4 substitutes. In the eleven, accepted tactics are 3–4–3, 3–5–2, 4–3–3, 4–4–2, 4–5–1, 5–4–1 and 5–3–2. To change your tactic, you only have to replace players with bank players. For example, you are 4–4–2 and you want a 4–3–3: replace an eleven midfielder with a bank striker.

Captain and Vice-Captain
Every day you can choose a captain, who will score twice. If you use automatic substitutions, if the captain does not play, it is the vice-captain who scores the double. You can make captain changes during the journey if you use manual substitutions (we will give details on this in another article). In that case, the vice-captain ceases to exist, because it is you who are changing the captain.

In-game substitutions
There are two ways to approach each journey: using automatic or manual substitutions. There will be a more exhaustive article on this, but the important thing to know is: the market closes 1 hour before the first game of the day. If you do not change the team after that, you will have automatic substitutions at the end: whoever did not play is replaced by the substitutes who played and the captain, if he has not played, pass the armband to the sub-captain. But you can take the team’s reins and make manual substitutions, which include captain changes.

The squad of 15 that you define at the start can (and should) change throughout the competition. For each round, you have 2 free transfers. You remove a player and go look for another one, as long as it is for the same position and your budget reaches the price of it. If you don’t spend them on one day, you accumulate one for the next round, that is: you will have three free transfers in the next round. If you want to do more than the free transfers you have, you always take 4 penalty points for each extra transfer.

What gives points
Being a game based on real statistics, we have a set of 15 events that are scored: minutes played, clean sheet (not conceding goals), goals, assists, shots on goal, yellow and red cards, own goals, penalties committed, penalties missed, defended penalties, goalkeeper saves, goals conceded by the team, recovered balls and blocked shots. These are the events that will give players points. To find out exactly how many points each action gives, consult the rules page of Liga NOS Virtual.

Final score
Your team’s worst four rounds will not count towards the final score. This means that you do not need to demotivate when you have a below average journey, because only your 30 best journey scores will count. If there is a weekend you could not be aware of, a day when everything just went wrong, or even if you started the competition only on the 5th day, nothing is lost.
There is no point in thinking about going around the rules: if you have penalty points for extra transfers, that journey will not be excluded from the score, even if it is one of your four worst. The objective is very simple: relieve the pressure of having a bad journey and allow those who missed the first few days, because they did not know the Liga NOS Virtual, still have a chance to fight for the final classification.

Our website is currently in open-beta stage. Enjoy!